We are currently in the strongest Rental Market we have seen in a very long time. Getting your application accepted has never been more difficult. Allowing us to get your foot in the door of the home of your choice is a smart move.  We will get your Application to Rent on the home of your choice to the top of the pile of other applicants. Our Experienced Negotiators will prepare your Renter's Package, Speak to the Listing Agent and/or Landlord, while most other Agents just have you fill out an application and "send it in". We make your application STAND OUT, when everyone else looks the same on paper. When we speak to the Listing Agent and/or Landlord on your behalf, we present your Best Qualifications as the perfect tenant. More often than not, it is not what's on your Application to Rent but how the application is communicated. In fact, the more difficult your situation is, the greater the need is for our Agent Rental Representation.

  • Freshly listed property and Coming Soon (Off Market) Properties not seen anywhere else on the Internet

  • Representation by a Seasoned Negotiators

  • Complete and Compelling Renters Package Professionally Prepared

Applicants Receive:

  • Customized notification of available property via our Home Find App at your finer tips

  • Access to Locked Property (Senior Communities as well) with-in a 24 hour notice, often times same day

  • Pre-Approval Qualification - Credit Repair 

Added Value and Conveniences:

Request your   application 

Once you have filled out your request for an Application you will need to collect the following documents to expedite your file for all occupants over 18 that will be living in the Residence.

  • Two most recent months Pay Stubs (to cover 30 most recent days)

  • Two most recent months Bank Statements (all pages)

  • Two Complete References (phone - email - address)

Additional information for the Application to Rent:

  • Two years most recent Work History

  • Two years most recent Living History

  • Social Security Number(s)

  • Photo Copy of Drivers License, With Number(s)

  • Good Rental References

  • If you have PETS, Copy of Shot records, Breed Classification, Pictures of all pets along with weight.

To Schedule an Immediate Viewing or to speak with an agent call 949-324-2232 now! 

Time is of the essence